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Baby & Toddler Swimming tips

Top Tips for parents & tiny tots!

  • 1. Arrive early
    Arrive in plenty of time so baby is not being rushed into the pool and everything remains calm and relaxed.
  • 2. Bring a towel on to the poolside so that you can wrap your baby in it when the lesson is finished
    The pool area is very warm so there will be a change of temperature when entering the changing rooms.
  • 3. No eating or drinking on the pool side
    For health & safety reasons, there is no food or drink allowed on the pool side, with the exception of water in a plastic container / bottle.

4. Only enter the pool once your lesson is about to begin
Please do not enter the pool or sit on the poolside until the
start of your class as a matter of courtesy to the previous class.

5. Talk to your teacher
If you have any concerns or questions, you can talk to your teacher and she will be happy to help you.

6. Participation
Please participate in the class following the teachers instructions. If your child needs a time out for any reason, you are more than welcome to sit on the steps until they are ready to re-join the group.


FreQuently Asked questions

  • What equipment do I need to bring with me?
    You will need a swim nappy for baby, which should be covered with a snug fitting pants or swim costume. You might also like to bring a changing mat. .
  • Do I need a wetsuit for my baby?
    The pool temperature is lovely and warm but some babies feel the cold more so than others. You can buy your own wetsuit from us or another supplier or you can borrow one that we have on hand.
  • Does my baby need all of their immunisations first?

    According to the HSE guidelines, it is perfectly safe for babies to start swimming from birth before having their immunisations. The diseases babies are vaccinated against are not carried in water. Babies can be taken swimming at any time regardless of where they are with their immunisation schedule.

    Can both parents take part in the class?
    Both parents can come along for the class but only one adult gets in the water with the child. Family members are welcome to view the class at the side of the pool.

    Can we make up a class if we miss one?
    If we have another class on a different day at the same level and in the same term, if it is not fully subscribed, we are more than happy to facilitate you. We require 24 hours notice before booking you into a replacement class.

    Can we book a course that has already started?
    To avoid disruption of a course, unfortunately we cannot accept late bookings.