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The Swim Stars team love all things swimming and we are passionate about providing the best possible service in many different ways.  Before Baby is born we provide excellent aqua natal aerobic classes to keep Mum fit and well.  Following through we provide baby and toddler classes from 4 months of age to 3 years. 

We realise also that some toddlers may not have had the opportunity to experience swimming at an early age so we have classes for older toddlers and parents to provide them with the necessary skills to feel comfortable in a formal class.  Our formal teaching classes cater for 3/4 year olds upwards and we also cater for the teenage market who want to continue with fitness swimming and lifesaving.
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What’s our mission?


Our mission is to get the “whole world” swimming and for everyone to realise the positive benefits of swimming both mental and physical.  Quite a task but we will take it step by step!  We are so enthusiastic it is bound to pay off!

Latest NEWS!

New Teach Your Toddler Swimming Lessons

Teach your 3-4 year old how to swim! Teach your toddler to swim came about because we realised that there was a gap between baby/toddler swimming classes and formal lessons.  There were classes for babies and toddlers up to 3 years of age but after that there was very little until the child entered the more structured class at age 4 or 5. 


A lot of parents felt that their child was ready before this and would benefit from formal instruction but the problem was that the child wanted the reassurance of the parent in the water.  This is very understandable in children so young.  We then decided to do a class with parent and child to teach them to swim and prepare them mentally and physically for the next step.  This has worked brilliantly.  The teacher is in the water with the parent and child and gives instruction to both of them and the parent then reinforces the instruction and helps the child achieve it.  It is a class where both adult and child are learning. 

How we get results!

WE Appreciate feedback & Give A personal service

We get results by never giving up.  We realise that everyone is an individual and that “one size” does not fit all so all our teachers are very adaptable, experienced and patient.  We have regular meetings to discuss our teaching and to bounce ideas off each other. 
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Friendly & Personal Service
We give a very personal service because we have found that feedback is so important and there is nothing quite like the feeling that you have helped someone achieve their goal.